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PEACH Tattoos Supplies offers Tattoo Needles/Tattoo Machines/Tattoo Inks/Tattoo Accessories/Permanent makeup machines and pens and more

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Tattoo Machine

Permanent Makeup Machine and Pen

Tattoo Inks

Tattoo Accessories

PEACH Tattoos Supplies Main Product

PEACH Tattoos Supplies

1.Tattoos SuppliesTattoo Needles:

Sterilized disposable tattoo needles in various sizes and configurations (such as liner or shader)
Stainless steel reusable tattoo needles for experienced artists
Cartridge tattoo needles that are easy to change and use

2.Tattoos Supplies Tattoo Machines:

Rotary tattoo machines that use a motor to drive the needle, typically more lightweight and quiet than coil machines
Coil tattoo machines that use electromagnetic coils to power the needle, often preferred by traditional tattoo artists
Wireless tattoo machines that don’t require a power cord, allowing for greater flexibility and mobility

Tattoo Inks:
Vegan and cruelty-free tattoo ink made with natural ingredients, such as henna or vegetable dyes
Traditional tattoo ink made with synthetic pigments, available in a wide range of colors
UV-reactive tattoo ink that glows under black light, for a unique effect

Tattoo Accessories:
Tattoo grips in various materials, such as aluminum or silicone, to provide comfortable and secure grip during tattooing
Tattoo practice skins for practicing and testing tattoo techniques
Tattoo aftercare products, such as moisturizers and balms, to help protect and heal newly tattooed skin.

PEACH PMU Tattoos Supplies

1.Microblading Machine: This machine is specifically designed for microblading, offering natural and three-dimensional eyebrow effects. By adjusting the speed and depth of the micro-needles, different eyebrow shapes and colors can be created based on the client’s preferences.

2.Lip Tattoo Machine: This machine is used for lip tattooing, injecting color pigments into the lips to achieve long-lasting lip color effects. It helps clients improve lip shape, correct uneven lip color or imperfections, and enhance lip contour and fullness.

3.Eyeliner Tattoo Machine: The eyeliner tattoo machine is used to inject color pigments along the lash line, creating long-lasting eyeliner effects. It helps clients define the eye contour, enhance eye expression, and eliminates the need for daily eyeliner application.

4.Beauty Spot Machine: This machine is used to create beauty spots or moles on the skin. It allows clients to add small, decorative marks to enhance their facial features or achieve specific aesthetic goals.