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PEACH supplies high quality, easy to operate, multi-functional tattoo machines including tattoo pen, wireless tattoo machine, coil tattoo machine, tattoo pen machine, wireless tattoo gun, coil tattoo machine and more!
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Wireless Tattoo Machines

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Introduction to Tattoo Machines

1.Coil Tattoo Machines:


Traditional coil tattoo machines (coil tattoo machines) have a wide range of applications and a deep history in the tattoo industry. They typically have a powerful electromagnetic force that provides greater penetration and a longer stroke. This makes them suitable for a wide range of tattoo styles, especially where large areas need to be filled and traditional tattooing techniques are required.


Coil tattoo machines are widely used for drawing fine lines, filling in colours, shading and traditional tattoo techniques. They are very effective for tattooing tasks that require greater penetration and longer strokes.

2.Tattoo Pen:


Tattoo pen (tattoo pen) is an innovative tattoo machine that uses a combination of needles and electric motors. They usually have a small body that is easy to hold and manoeuvre. Tattoo pens have low vibration and noise levels, making the tattooing process more comfortable. They are also highly adjustable, allowing the needle depth and speed to be adjusted as needed.


Tattoo pens are suitable for a wide range of tattoo styles, including tasks such as detail work, contour lines, shading and filling. They are particularly suitable for tattoo areas that require finer control and more sensitivity, such as the face, hands and neck.

3.Rotary Tattoo Gun:


Rotary tattoo guns (rotary tattoo guns) use a rotary mechanism, where the rotary motion of the needle is driven by an electric motor. They typically have a lighter body and lower vibration levels, making the tattooing process smoother and more comfortable. Rotary tattoo guns have shorter strokes and higher speeds, providing more precise control and faster operation.


Rotary tattoo guns are widely used for a variety of tattoo styles and techniques. They are suitable for tasks such as contour lines, shading, filling and colour tattooing. Due to their shorter stroke and high speed, rotary tattoo guns are particularly effective where fine and fast tattooing operations are required.