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Explore our wide range of high-precision PMU Machines and tattoo supplies at PEACH. Find the perfect pmu tattoo machine for your needs, backed by exceptional quality and performance. Take advantage of our free samples, personalized designs, and comprehensive customization options. Get the tools you need to enhance your tattoo studio. Shop now for top-qualitypmu tattoo machine and tattoo supplies."
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Permanent Makeup Pen


Permanent Makeup Pen

Highly Accurate PMU Machine - PEACHTattoo Supplies

Precision and Accuracy: pmu tattoo machines and pens allow for precise and accurate application of makeup, providing a natural and flawless appearance. The needle can be adjusted to different depths and speeds, allowing the artist to create a range of effects and styles.

1.PMU Machine Time-Saving:

Pmu tattoo machines and pens save time for both the artist and client. The process is quick, and clients do not have to spend time applying makeup every day.

2.PMU Machine Customizable:

Best pmu machines and pens can be customized to suit the client’s needs, including color, shape, and thickness. The process is highly customizable, ensuring that each client’s needs are met.

3.PMU Machine Safe and Hygienic:

pmu tattoo machines and pens use sterile needles, ensuring that the process is safe and hygienic. The needles are also single-use, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and infection.

4.Long-Lasting Results:

Permanent makeup created with a machine or pen can last for several years, reducing the need for regular touch-ups.


Permanent makeup created with a machine or pen requires minimal maintenance, with only occasional touch-ups needed to maintain the look.


pmu tattoo machines and pens are a cost-effective solution compared to the cost of regular makeup products over time. Clients can save money in the long run by investing in permanent makeup.

In summary, pmu tattoo machines and pens provide precision and accuracy, time-saving, customization, safety and hygiene, long-lasting results, low-maintenance, and cost-effectiveness. These benefits and selling points make them an attractive option for anyone looking for a more defined and long-lasting makeup solution.