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PEACH Permanent Makeup Supplies
Elevate your artistry with custom permanent makeup supplies from PEACH Factory. Explore premium PMU cartridges, PMU machines, PMU pigments, and Microbinding . Experience exceptional quality, personalized designs, and comprehensive customization. Take advantage of free samples. Shop now for the ultimate permanent makeup supply

PEACH Permanent Makeup Supply

Permanent Makeup Cartridges:

PEACHpermanent makeup supplies Offer Permanent Makeup Cartridges Have Following advantages

1.Precision: Provides precise and accurate application of pigments.
2.Convenience: Offers easy and quick needle change for different techniques and styles.
Hygiene: Ensures a sterile and disposable solution for safe procedures.
3.Customization: Allows artists to choose different needle configurations for specific effectsp

Permanent Makeup Machines:

1.Versatility: Offers adjustable speed and vibration settings for various procedures.
2.Consistency: Provides a stable and consistent pigment delivery for uniform results.
3.Efficiency: Reduces the manual effort and time required for the application process.
Control: Allows artists to adjust settings for different areas and techniques.

Permanent Makeup Pigments:

1.Vegan and cruelty-free tattoo ink made with natural ingredients, such as henna or vegetable dyes
2.Traditional tattoo ink made with synthetic pigments, available in a wide range of colors
3.UV-reactive tattoo ink that glows under black light, for a unique effect


1.Tattoo grips in various materials, such as aluminum or silicone, to provide comfortable and secure grip during tattooing
2.Tattoo practice skins for practicing and testing tattoo techniques
3.Tattoo aftercare products, such as moisturizers and balms, to help protect and heal newly tattooed skin.

Permanent Makeup Cartridges

Permanent Makeup Machines

Permanent Makeup Pigments


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