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PMU Cartridges


PMU Cartridges come in various types to cater to different techniques and preferences in permanent makeup application. Here are some common types of PMU cartridges:

1.Round Shader: These cartridges have a round configuration of needles, ideal for shading and filling in larger areas such as eyebrows or lips. They provide smooth and blended results.

2.Micro-Needle: Designed with ultra-fine needles, micro-needle cartridges are suitable for creating intricate details and achieving precise hair-like strokes in microblading or eyebrow embroidery.

3.Magnum: Magnum cartridges feature multiple needles grouped closely together in a flat or curved formation. They are often used for precise color saturation and shading effects in procedures like lip blush or eyeliner.

4.Slope: Slope cartridges have a sloping needle configuration, allowing for precise control and versatility. They are commonly used in eyebrow procedures for creating soft arches and natural-looking gradients.

5.Flat: Flat cartridges have flat-shaped needles arranged in a straight line. They are favored for creating crisp and defined lines, making them suitable for eyeliner or lip contouring.


1.Precision: Provides precise and accurate application of pigments.
2.Convenience: Offers easy and quick needle change for different techniques and styles.
3.Hygiene: Ensures a sterile and disposable solution for safe procedures.
4.Customization: Allows artists to choose different needle configurations for specific effects.

Quality Inspection and Sterilization of PMU Cartridges

1.Quality Inspection: We conduct rigorous quality checks on all PMU cartridges to ensure they meet high standards and premium requirements. We examine the quality of the needle, sharpness of the tip, consistency, and integrity of components associated with pmu cartridge needles. This ensures that every PMU cartridge we provide maintains excellent quality and reliability.

2.Sterilization: We place great emphasis on sterilization procedures to ensure the safety and hygiene of our pmu cartridge needles. During the manufacturing process, we implement strict sterilization measures, including the use of professional disinfectants and equipment for cleaning and sterilization. These steps are taken to eliminate potential pathogens and bacteria, ensuring that each pmu cartridge needles is clean, safe, and sterile.

3.We are committed to delivering high-quality PMU cartridges through stringent quality inspection and sterilization processes, ensuring product quality and safety to meet the needs of professional tattoo artists and permanent makeup artists. We prioritize the hygiene and quality of our products to ensure every use is safe and reliable.

4.Post-Purchase Support: Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the purchase. We offer comprehensive post-purchase support to address any concerns or queries you may have. Our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you with product usage, troubleshooting, or any other assistance you may require.

5.Rest assured that when you choose our PMU cartridges, you not only receive top-quality products but also ongoing support and assistance. We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and providing a seamless experience from purchase to after-sales support.

PMU Cartridges