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Dragon Pestle Tattoo Supply products

1. Dragon Pestle’s Tattoo Supply Tattoo needles.
2. Tattoo power supply, hook line, pedal;
3. Tattoo needles, needle tips, handles, disposable ones are usually conjoined, and stainless steel ones are divided into connecting rods;
4. Tattoo pigments, pigment cups, pigment cup holders;
5. Tattoo atlas, transfer printing machine;
6. Hygienic products: nursing pads, adhesive tapes, disposable razors, table mats, mattresses, sleeves, thread hooks, needle nozzle brushes, disinfection bags, discarded needle boxes, masks, etc.;
7. Auxiliary equipment: tattoo pen, tattoo machine cover, tattoo frame, needle nozzle frame, handle frame, hand frame, leg frame, display frame, practice skin, transfer paper, transfer paste, anesthetic, tongue depressor, pad Needle plugs, pad needle rings, tattoo removal machines, needle nozzle brushes, etc.

Dragon Pestle Tattoo Supply permanent make-up products

1.Dragon Pestle Tattoo Supply Permanent Tattoo Machines:

Permanent tattoo machines are specialised machines used to perform permanent tattoos. They usually consist of a handheld device that includes an electric motor and needle assembly. Permanent tattoo machines are used to inject pigments or dyes into the deeper layers of the skin to create a lasting tattoo design.

2..Dragon Pestle Tattoo Supply Permanent tattoo pigments:

permanent tattoo pigments are specially designed for use in permanent tattoos. They are usually made from organic or inorganic pigments and are injected into the dermal layer in the skin for long lasting colour effects. These pigments are highly stable and long lasting and can remain in the skin for years or even longer.

Permanent Tattoo Needles: Permanent tattoo needles are tiny needles used to inject pigments into the skin. They are usually made of high quality stainless steel and come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit different tattooing needs. The design and composition of permanent tattoo needles allow them to inject pigment accurately and safely and ensure long-lasting tattoo results.

Permanent tattoo accessories and equipment: permanent tattoo products also include a variety of accessories and equipment that are used to aid and enhance the tattooing process. These can include protective covers, tattoo ink cups, tattoo creams, cleaning and sterilising supplies, etc. These accessories and equipment help to ensure that the tattooing process is hygienic, safe and smoothly conducted.

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