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Energy Efficient Tattoo Power Supply-PEACH Tattoo Supply

The amount of Tattoo Power Supply required for a tattoo machine depends on factors such as the type of machine, the size and type of needles being used, and the artist’s technique. Generally, tattoo machines require low voltage and high amperage to operate efficiently. It’s important for tattoo artists to choose a reliable and high-quality power supply that can provide consistent power output to ensure the best possible results and minimize the risk of injury to their clients.

PEACH Tattoo Battery 2400mAh Wireless RCA DC Tattoo Power Supply for Machine Gun

Trading Information

1.Delivery: EXW,FOB,CIF,CNF
2.Minimum order quantity: 50 sets
3. Supply capacity: 30,000 sets/week
4. Country of origin: Suzhou, China
5. Stock time: 5-7 days

Tattoo Power Batteries

Capacity: 2400 mah

Working Time: About 4-6 hours

Charge Time: about 2 hours, quick charger (not include)

Speed: 5 Levels (5v, 6.5v, 8v, 9.5v, 11v)

Connector: Cheyenne

Audio Connector, RCA, DC

Operation Guide

1 、Press the switch button for about 2 seconds: Power ON. When the load is not connected, it will be turned off immediately after turning on the power to protect the power battery and low power consumption. The power supply will only be officially turned on when the power supply is under load. (Note: Each time you turn on the power, it will display the third file directly.)

2 、Short press the switch button: pause the work. (If the power stays in the pause for more than 5 minutes, the power will automatically shut down and be in a low power state.) Pressing it again will start the work normally.

3 、Press and hold the switch button for about 2 seconds again: power off.

Products Description

Brand Name



Tattoo Power Batteries




 2400 mah

Delivery time

7-15Working Days


11cm * 8cm * 3cm




Working Voltage


Battery Type

Lithium battery Battery



Output Current

Continuous current 0.5A Charging

Charging Current



DC 5V+0.2V